It is spiritual resilience that is keeping the country united despite the inherent diversity.

    The field of spirituality and religion has seen many changes in recent years.

You must have seen an television,how many false religious leaders, Babas
have been caught. People have became so aware about all these things and more moving away from such frauds. Hence, spiritual field plays a vital role in uplifting people. It upholds faith in people. So, it is essential for healthy society.

  There are four major important strengths of any DEMOCRACY.

First, Dharma,
that includes both spirituality and religious faith based organisation. It is the foremost pillar to capture society and provide well things.


Secondly, Politics.
Politics is the way to interact each other between the Government and people. This is not only a  interaction but also whole nation depending upon their functions.


Thirdly, Mass media.
Now-a-days media is the single way to give proper information about the current and nation rather than entertainment. That is too much responsible.


Finally last one is, Business,Trade & Commerce. Whole nation depending on this sector to vary  their economic balance & Growth rate. There should be good co-operation with neighbour countries in the field of import, export,sale,promotions,services etc.


No nation can have complete and speed growth if all these strengths are don’t grow together.
     When there is no corruption in trade and commerce of the country,then it can truly prosper and contribute the growth of the economy. Similarly, when the mass media is free from prejudice and negative influences (independent), it can give proper direction to the people and nation.
  When the strengths of the Democracy works together then our country will be the best progressive country in the history of Democracy of World.



“YOGA”- If you were to ask a regular person ”what is the meaning of yoga?”

The answer most probably would be ‘Physical stretches and breathing exercises’ as in hatha yoga, or ‘MEDITATION – a technique to calm and relax the mind!Others may say yoga means connection,that is,Whatever the mind is in yoga w/ that.

It is a pilgrimage of remembrance.The soul is then traveller and life is journey.The method is yoga with the supreme soul GOD.Yoga is connecting w/ the source through which spiritual might is received and the will power in human soul is activated by enlightened conscience.

‘Shakti’ is spiritual might and it’s comes from God and is the only energy that can purify souls and remove the toxic waste of an 😇 anger,attachment,ego,greed nd Lust.a